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The way the world searches is changing at record speed.
Luminr is the most actionable global search intelligence platform, giving you the insights you need to get ahead of the competition, and stay there.
Everything you knew about search has changed. It's no longer just about conventional search engine success but maximising performance across every searchable platform.

Luminr measures and analyses all searches to provide you with the secret sauce (AI assistive intelligence) to multi-platform search success.
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Google rules the search world. Newsflash: Not anymore.

With 50% of product searches initiated on Amazon and 40% of Gen Z using TikTok and Instagram to search, search is everywhere.

It's vital you know where your customers are, how to get there - and stay there - for the searches that matter to you.

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If your brand is not discoverable, you will lose at search.
Luminr was created by a team of data scientists, analysts, and search marketers as the first search intelligence platform that consolidates the entire searchable web into a unified interface.

Doesn’t seem like rocket science, right?
Yet all marketing tools treat paid, organic, social, travel, product and AI search results as completely separate goals. Your customers don’t. They just need their questions answered.

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Get ahead of the competition.

Imagine being able to monitor your competitors’ moves, deconstruct their whole search strategy, and then get ahead of them?
Hint: Luminr does exactly that.
By evaluating search results across search engines, social media channels and marketplaces, Luminr discovers patterns, opportunities, and insights that can be applied immediately to help grow your visibility and beat the competition.

Become a power player of search.

You will gain actionable insights into all aspects of search; from shopping and images to brand mentions and view count so you can make the right strategic move to increase performance.
In short, you get to become a power player for the keywords that are essential to your business; on every platform, whatever country, whatever region, whatever language.
The world’s best insights across the entire searchable web.
Searches per day
What is my share of voice vs. my competitors'?
What ranking improvements would give my brand the biggest impact?
How am I performing on search queries against my competitors on TikTok?
Does our brand need to spend more on ads?
What are my competitors focusing on this month?
Should I invest more in video?

All things you need to know, right?

Luminr will answer these questions for you, so you can make informed decisions to get your brand ahead.
Transform complicated data and costly analysis at an unrivalled speed.
Luminr is the first platform to continually evaluate all search results, offering actionable insights to help brands discover new ways to increase their share-of-voice.
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