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Luminr is the most actionable Total Search platform, giving you the insights you need to get ahead of the competition, and stay there.
Luminr is a global search intelligence platform that measures and analyses every pixel of page one on Google, providing you with the secret sauce to search success for the keywords that matter to your business.
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68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And with 92% of all search traffic coming from page one results, it’s vital you know how to get there - and stay there - for the keywords that matter to you.

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Imagine being able to monitor your competitors’ moves, deconstruct their strategy, and then get ahead of them?
Hint: Luminr does exactly that.
By evaluating every pixel of page one, Luminr discovers patterns, opportunities, and insights that can be applied immediately to help grow your page one presence and beat the competition.

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Luminr takes on a Total Search approach, measuring insights from 20+ rich results, including Featured Snippets, Shopping, People Also Ask, Map Packs, Images, Research, and more.
In short, you get to become a power player for the keywords that are essential to your business; whatever country, whatever region, whatever language.
The world’s best insights into page one results.
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What is my share of voice vs. my competitors'?
What ranking improvements would give my brand the biggest impact?
What content do we need to create to grow our brand's real estate across the SERPs?
Does our brand need to spend more on ads?
What are my competitors focusing on this month?

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Luminr will answer these questions for you, so you can make informed decisions to get your brand ahead.
Tackling an outdated view of search, head on.
Luminr was created by a team of data scientists, analysts, and search marketers as the first search intelligence platform that looks at page one as a full picture. Doesn’t seem like rocket science, right? Yet many marketing tools treat paid and organic results as two separate goals. Newsflash: Your customers don’t.
This outdated position hurts businesses and prevents them from reaching their full page one potential. Luminr solves this by tracking and analysing a brand’s market share across the whole of page one on Google.

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Transform complicated data and costly analysis at an unrivalled speed.
Luminr is the first platform to continually evaluate the SERP as a whole, offering actionable insights to help brands discover new ways to grow real estate ownership across page one.
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