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Conduct in-depth paid and SEO competitor analysis effortlessly, revealing valuable insights into competitor keyword strategies across Google (other channels coming soon!).
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Outsmart your search competitors.
Transform your organic and paid search strategy and dominate the digital landscape with Luminr – your expert in uncovering and outperforming competitor search strategies.
  • Leverage Competitor Movement: uncover how your competitors position their content and track shifts in both paid and organic rankings with ad and SEO competitive analysis.
  • Understand Diverse Channels: initially Google-only, our competitive analysis is expanding to encompass marketplaces and social platforms, ensuring a comprehensive view of competitor activities.
  • Empower your search strategy: access strategic insights into which domains are outperforming yours and find competitor keywords delivering valuable traffic.
Understand your SERP competitors on different keyword clusters.
The Share of Search Leaderboard is a powerful tool designed to provide comprehensive insights into your brand's visibility compared to commercial and SERP competitors on Google Page One. Key functionalities include:
  • Track month-on-month growth effortlessly to gauge your brand's prominence across the SERPs.
  • Identify which competitors are leveraging paid strategies and get an estimate of their current organic ranking.
  • Use intuitive filters to tailor your data across diverse keyword clusters and SERP features.
Research the most valuable competitor keywords and traffic.
Unveil the Power of Domain vs. Click-Through Rate (CTR) with Luminr's Competitor Positioning Analysis and Traffic Drivers Table. How to harness its potential:
  • Competitor Strength Analysis: Dive into the table to see your competitors' strengths by evaluating their CTR against your own domain. Identify areas where they outperform, use this to refine your search strategy.
  • Strategic Content Gap Identification: Analyse the table to pinpoint content gaps where competitors exhibit higher CTR. Leverage this to tailor your content strategy, ensuring alignment with market demands and keyword competition analysis.
  • Ad Copy Enhancement: Explore competitors' CTR for paid SERP features to understand the success of their ad copy. Refine your ad strategies by learning from their effective campaigns.
  • Keyword and SERP Optimisation: Identify keywords and domains where competitors excel in CTR. Refine your keyword targeting and SERP strategies, leveraging this knowledge for enhanced online visibility and effective competitor keyword research.
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Discover paid search competitors and their threats.
Explore your paid search competition using Luminr's Paid Threats. This feature identifies your paid competitors and guides you in gaining a competitive advantage:
  • Innovative Ranking System & Scoring: Leverage the ranking system and Aggression Score to identify the front-runners in paid search.
  • Competitor Benchmarking: Assess competitors comprehensively based on SERP positions, tracked keywords, and brand name bidding. This benchmarking enables you to strategically position your paid campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Strategic Evolution Monitoring: Analyse the dynamic graph showcasing competitors' average ad positions over time to help you adapt and refine your own paid strategies.
  • Paid Investment Optimisation: Use the table to evaluate if increasing paid investments is necessary to stay competitive in your space, ensuring your brand maintains optimal visibility across paid.
  • Cost-Efficiency Discovery: Identify cost-saving opportunities by assessing the size of competitors ranking above you. Optimise your strategy to ensure you aren't unnecessarily competing with industry giants.
Unveil competitive search traffic drivers.
Gain a competitive edge using Luminr's Competitive Traffic Drivers, revealing key approaches into competitors' search strategies.
  • Unveil Competitor Search Strategies: Automatically identify the top 10 websites with the highest visibility across Google (more platforms on the way). Use this to refine your own search marketing strategy and budget allocation.
  • Keyword-Level Analysis: Filter down by keywords and keyword groups to explore competitors' strengths and weaknesses across services, products, topics or locations.
  • Tailored Insights: Take advantage of more tailored analysis with filters that allow you to understand competitors' strengths across specific channels, such as organic or paid.
  • Strategy Recommendations: Identify opportunities to create quality organic content like blog posts or video content for platforms like YouTube. Or, see who is using Shopping Ads so you can optimise your product feed for increased visibility.
Identify emerging keyword trends and opportunities.
Access powerful insights from organic to top-of-page ad spaces with Luminr's Winners and Losers. Propel your brand ahead in search, outsmart competitors, and ensure your budget works smarter.
  • Smart Bidding Strategies: Identify areas where competitors are bidding strongly and let this guide your bidding strategy. Have the right knowledge to decide if an escalation in your bids is necessary to remain competitive.
  • Strategic Growth Tactics: Learn from competitors who are gaining ground across the SERPs. Integrate successful strategies into your SEO, paid, and content playbook.
  • Targeted Content Expansion: Spot the competitors losing ground in specific keyword groups. Use this opportunity to launch targeted content or ad campaigns, filling the gap and establishing dominance.
"As a Director at a search marketing agency, I’m impressed by the power of Luminr and the edge it has given us for our clients . The top-level data and granular gap analysis helps us evaluate key competitors and quickly identify areas for growth. This allows Found to deliver better performance across our many search marketing campaigns.”

Tom Brand


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do competitor analysis?

By conducting competitor analysis, businesses gain intel into competitors' strategies, identify market trends, and uncover gaps in one's industry. This provides brands with a strategic edge and enhances their market positioning when acted upon.

Paid or SEO competitive analysis helps brands benchmark against industry standards, optimise product offerings, and enhance marketing tactics. It can reveal opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage, like establishing competitive yet profitable pricing strategies.

Analysing one's own performance tells only half the story. Conducting competitor keyword research helps you adapt and stay relevant in an ever-evolving market. Plus, competitor analysis gives you the strategic insight required to outperform your market rivals.

How do I find out my competitors’ keywords?

First identify the key players in your industry, sector or niche. Use SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz for a comprehensive SEO competitive analysis. These tools analyse competitor domains and see the keywords they rank for across paid and SEO efforts.
Brands should also manually search for competitors on search engines and examine their website content and meta tags to identify their targeted keywords. Look at their product descriptions, top-level navigation and landing pages. Observing paid search campaigns can reveal the keywords competitors are willing to pay for, while exploring social media profiles can help you gauge their social media strategy.
This approach to competitor keyword research ensures you can effectively inform your company's search marketing strategy.

How to do SEO competitor analysis?

To do an SEO competitor analysis, begin by identifying your competitors, both commercial rivals and lesser-known players. Next, extract their keywords through any paid or free keyword research tools. Analyse their search visibility, and examine rankings, backlinks, and traffic through platforms like Moz or Majestic.
Spot market gaps competitors have overlooked, and use it to your advantage. Stay up-to-date on your competitors’ search engine visibility using Luminr’s competitor tracking or other monitoring tools. Based on your analysis, refine your content, meta tags, rich snippets and site structure to create an online presence that outshines your competition.

What is the best SEO tool for competitor site analysis?

When selecting the optimal SEO tool for competitor site analysis, consider its effectiveness in conducting comprehensive SEO competitive analysis, its capabilities in keyword competition analysis, and its features for tracking SEO competitors.

Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz excel in these aspects. SEMrush stands out for its robust keyword competition analysis, offering insights into competitor keywords, backlinks, and domain comparisons. Ahrefs is renowned for its in-depth backlink analysis and keyword research functionalities. Moz, on the other hand, provides valuable insights into domain authority and effective keyword tracking.

For an AI-enhanced perspective on competitor analysis, Luminr stands out with its advanced algorithms and historical data from the SERPs. Luminr enables users to delve into detailed SEO competitive analysis, uncovering competitor keywords and tracking the evolving search landscape over time. The tool goes beyond conventional keyword competition analysis, offering an understanding of competitors' strategies and historical performance. With its focus on historical SERP data, Luminr empowers users to not only assess current standings but also identify trends and anticipate future shifts in the competitive landscape.

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