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AI-Powered Search Intelligence.

  • AI-Powered Data Intelligence: harnessing state-of-the-art AI capabilities from Google and OpenAI as our foundation, we build upon this advanced technology to deliver valuable search insights to equip your team with decision-making grounded in facts, trends, and predictive analytics.
  • Bespoke Data Pipelines: gathering and transporting valuable data from multiple sources into a secure and central location designed to suit your enterprise's unique needs.
  • Seamless Integration: simplifying your data management by effortlessly integrating with your existing dashboards and systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.
  • Advanced Data Exploration: processing vast volumes of information to uncover patterns, anomalies, and trends at a speed and accuracy way above human analysis to empower businesses with extensive data requirements to make informed decisions with unmatched precision.
  • Tailored Enterprise Solutions: creating new features and innovative solutions to match each organisation’s ambition and market shape, adapting where required to aligns perfectly with every brand’s unique vision and needs.
“Luminr speaks directly to our vision of creating a strategy and measurement around the future of search. The output is new and innovative – with our ability to measure exposure and understanding of the Total Search landscape through the application of machine learning and AI. Both teams are really dedicated – we know the work we are doing together is going to give our brands a huge advantage over our competitors.”

Adrian Phipps

Global Search Lead

Custom solutions for large-scale challenges

Enterprise grade features engineered to answer any question you have. From understanding customer behaviour and dissecting product performance to predicting market trends and competitor monitoring.
This is just a glimpse into some of the ways our powerful custom solutions can address the unique challenges faced by large-scale enterprises. Whether you require tailor-made data models, multi-territory coverage, competitor analysis, or timely data updates, Luminr has the tools and expertise to empower your enterprise's growth and success.
Intuitive Dashboard and Streamlined Integration
Unlock the power of Luminr with our user-friendly dashboard where search intelligence and rich analytics mix with AI-driven insights designed to elevate your digital marketing strategies across a multitude of search platforms.
Or Luminr offers seamless integration with popular operational and analytics dashboards, providing a user-friendly and efficient way to access and harness the power of our data insights within your existing workflow.

Driving Transformation for Leading Enterprises

Explore how Luminr’s personalised enterprise solutions have empowered large enterprise brands to elevate their digital marketing strategies, delivering impressive results and setting new standards in their respective industries.

Elevating Data-Driven Metrics for Holistic Marketing

  • Transformative Collaboration: Ongoing bespoke solutions created for a major multinational healthcare and consumer goods company and their digital agency.
  • Innovative Data Sets: Creation of dynamic data sets for new reports for senior leadership, featuring unique metrics never reported on previously. The goal is to roll this out globally.
  • Competitor Classification: Implementation of a categorisation method to classify online mentions as revenue-generating affiliations, competitors, or neutral e-commerce sites, providing strategic insights for informed decision-making.
  • Advanced Crawling Program: Development of a program analysing millions of global URLs for a deeper understanding of competitor strategies.
  • Future Vision: Working towards a data-driven recommendation engine for their search marketing strategy, enhancing brand visibility in key global markets.

Dynamic Pricing for large E-commerce Enterprise

  • Competitive Insights & Dynamic Pricing: reporting on competitor listings to inform the daily pricing strategy of 200K SKUs with data-driven insights from Google Shopping.
  • Pricing Strategy: supplying real-time pricing data to enable the organisation to enhance their pricing strategy, and achieve higher profitability and market presence.
  • Real-World Testing & Content Crawling: Prototyping and testing innovative insights in a real client setting while developing a program to crawl and analyse competitor content.
  • SEM Strategy & Global Brand Visibility: Creating a data-driven recommendation engine for SEM to enhance brand visibility in key global markets.
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