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Continuously monitor SERPs and capture page one elements on Google and emerging channels like TikTok and Amazon with Luminr’s SERP tracking tool.
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Continuous SERP monitoring.
Real-time tracking helps brands stay ahead of the curve as Google and emerging channels like TikTok, Amazon and TripAdvisor (coming soon to Luminr) constantly test new search result formats. Luminr's always-on analysis provides:
  • A new and unique perspective on growth opportunities.
  • Intel on how competitors maximise on less obvious search features to their advantage with our powerful SERP rank checker.
  • The chance to capture new and unstable elements on the first page of Google through constant SERP analysis.
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Your SERP feature competitors.
Unlock a competitive edge in the ever-evolving SERP landscape with Luminr's exclusive comparison of your search results feature vs competitors.
  • Pinpoint opportunities and gaps in your SERP presence for strategic SEO planning.
  • See where to optimise rich results to boost online visibility, ensuring proper website setup with structured data markup.
  • Strategically position your content for success with detailed SERP analysis.
SERP keyword ranking opportunities & tracking.
Unlock the potential of your website traffic with Luminr's High-Volume CTR Booster, a new solution for SERP tracking and analysis. Explore hidden keyword opportunities, diversify your focus beyond a single channel, and assess the potential to rank across various SERP features.
  • CTR Analysis for Growth: Utilise Luminr's SERP rank checker to uncover keywords with low or no CTR, indicating untapped opportunities for substantial traffic increases.
  • Strategic Optimisation: Leverage our SERP tracking tool to prioritise keywords with below-average CTR, optimising your content and ad campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Tailored Filtering: View the keywords with the highest monthly search volume in your market and filter by keyword group for enhanced visibility across specific business categories.
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Content topics that are building SERP Real Estate for your competitors.
Optimise your online presence and outperform competitors with content topics backed by comprehensive SERP tracking capabilities. Discover how this data-driven approach can elevate your SERP real estate and visibility:
  • Strategic Keyword Alignment: Leverage SERP tracking insights to analyse search volume data, identifying high-performing keywords for targeted content strategies and enhanced visibility across SERP features.
  • Landing Page Inspiration: Uncover top-performing landing pages related to your keywords with our SERP rank checker. Draw inspiration from competitor success and adapt strategies to strengthen your SERP presence.
  • Heatmap Insights: Navigate the intuitive heatmap, supported by Luminr's advanced SERP analysis. Each square represents the average monthly search volume of a keyword, providing a visual guide to competitor content strategies.
  • User Search Trends: Explore user search trends revealed by our SERP tracking tool. Identify keywords users employ to discover competitor content and align your strategy with trending topics for broader SERP visibility.
Featured Snippet opportunities to boost your SERP ownership.
Harness an advanced content marketing tool data to strengthen your grip on Search Engine Results Page ownership. Dive into valuable data and insights to amplify your online presence and strategically boost SERP ownership:
  • Strategic Content Targeting: Identify prime opportunities for securing Featured Snippets, placing your content prominently in search results and expanding your SERP ownership.
  • Authority Positioning: Elevate your brand's authority by claiming the coveted Featured Snippet spot, positioning your content as the go-to source within your industry.
  • Engagement Optimisation: Craft concise answers within Snippets to captivate user attention, encouraging higher engagement levels and solidifying your SERP presence.
  • Targeted Traffic Growth: Draw valuable traffic to your site, even if your rank isn't on the first page, contributing to a robust and diversified SERP ownership strategy.
"As a Director at a search marketing agency, I’m impressed by the power of Luminr and the edge it has given us for our clients . The top-level data and granular gap analysis helps us evaluate key competitors and quickly identify areas for growth. This allows Found to deliver better performance across our many search marketing campaigns.”

Tom Brand


Frequently Asked Questions

What does SERP stand for?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This page appears when you input a search term or query into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This result page lists all the content that the search engine thinks is relevant to your query. This can include website links, snippets, videos, images, local business listings, and sometimes direct answers to straightforward questions. It's the search engine's response to your question, showing you where you might find the answers you're looking for.

What is SERP in Google search?

SERP in Google search is a blend of paid advertisements and organic results. The organic section includes listings ranked according to Google's algorithms, considering factors like relevance, website authority, and user engagement. SERPs also feature rich snippets, local business listings, and knowledge graphs to provide users with direct information. All these pages are tailored to deliver the most relevant results and aim to improve user experience by efficiently delivering the information or websites users are seeking.

What is a SERP feature in SEO?

A SERP feature in SEO refers to any specific element or format beyond the standard organic listings in search results. Features include featured snippets, knowledge panels, local map packs, image carousels, and more.
SERP features are designed to enhance the user experience by answering queries directly on the search results page, eliminating the need for a click-through to a specific website.
They're created to provide users with direct, concise answers and information. SERP Features stand out from the standard search results. Ranking in these often results in higher visibility and is considered to improve click-through rates for the featured content.

How do I monitor SERP?

To monitor SERP, you can use SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz. They help you watch how your site ranks for different keywords and tell you when things change. These tools alert you to changes in your search positions, show you new competitors on the scene, and help you spot new SERP features that may affect click-through rates.
To make the right strategic decisions to increase your share-of-voice across page one, tools like Luminr are effective as they track results from search engines, social media channels and marketplaces.

What is SERP position tracking?

SERP position tracking is a method used to monitor a website's placement across search results when people look up certain words. It aims to determine if your site moves up or down in the rankings.
This data is essential as it helps to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, understand competitive landscapes, and identify opportunities for improvement. It shows businesses how their web pages perform in search results for targeted keywords.
SERP position tracking means you can fine-tune your SEO approaches to improve your chances of getting noticed by your target audience.

How do I track my SERP ranking?

To track your SERP ranking, you can use various tools and methods. To start, you must identify the keywords most relevant to your business.
You can use a SERP tracking tool like Google Search Console, which offers direct insights into your site's performance in Google search results. For a broader analysis, SEO software like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Moz can track keyword rankings over time across different search engines.
Moreover, Luminr assesses search outcomes across various search engines, enabling you to identify trends, seize opportunities, and gain immediate insights that can be implemented to enhance your visibility and surpass competitors.
Regularly monitor the updates provided by the tracking tool to observe any changes in your ranking positions over time. Analyze the results to identify trends, assess the impact of your SEO strategies, and make informed decisions to optimize your online visibility. Consistent and thorough monitoring of your SERP ranking is crucial for adapting and refining your SEO approach.

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