Web Summit 2023: Our Head of Innovation’s Talk on the Future of Search

Written By Otilia Crizbasan | 19 December, 2023

Luminr attended Web Summit 2023 as an ALPHA exhibitor

Each edition Web Summit brings together an impressive community of business leaders, developers, scientists, and tech enthusiasts. And this year, we’ve been a part of it once again.

Attending the ALPHA startup program was a standout moment for us at Luminr. It was an incredible opportunity to be in the same space with industry giants and innovative minds. The experience was both inspiring and grounding, offering us invaluable insights into the tech world.

Plus, Web Summit 2023 also provided a valuable opportunity for us to showcase our platform to a broad audience across a diverse set of sectors. 

Watch James’s talk from Web Summit 2023 now

The Startup Showcase stage was an exciting and vibrant part of the event. It brought together startups from a diverse range of industries to present their innovative ideas and visions to all the conference attendees. We were incredibly excited to be part of the AI & Machine Learning section and contribute with insights into how these technologies are solving various problems.

James Wolman, our Head of Innovation took the stage to present why our global search intelligence platform is such an essential tool for the future of search.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to see James’s talk, here’s the video:

The landscape of online search has evolved significantly over the last few years. Luminr is tackling this evolution by shifting the focus from traditional search engines to the entire searchable landscape. We’re incredibly grateful we had the opportunity to share this journey at this year’s edition of Web Summit!

If you want to learn more about what we do, be sure to get in touch and keep an eye out for our future appearances at conferences and events.